Refined deodorized sunflower oil
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Refined deodorized sunflower oil

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до 820 $/тонна, мин. 26 т
Условия поставки: FCA Краснодар
Беляев Иван
,  Екатеринбург, RU
на Флагма с 9 апреля 2019


Glad to offer you the refined deodorized sunflower oil from the South of Russia where all conditions for cultivation of environmentally friendly raw materials are created. Oil extraction plant in the Krasnodar region sells only premium quality sunflower oil. Russian GOST 1129-2013. Production has the HACCP certificate. Packing in PET 1L, 5L, and also in bulk. Contract with the plant without intermediaries. OEM service available. The total export capacity is 1000 metric tons per month. Minimal order quantity: 40’ FCL – 29400*1L / 5796*5L – in PET bottles or 20’ Flexitank Container (22 metric ton).
Our production is located near the port of Novorossiysk, so the best option for the price is to supply on the basis of CIF your destination port.
Payment terms: 100% advance or 30%/70%

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,  Екатеринбург, RU
на Флагма с 9 апреля 2019

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